Effects of Sexual Assault

What is Sexual Assault

  • Sexual assault is a crime.
  • Sexual assault is any sexual behavior that is against the will of another person.
  • Sexual assault is not motivated by sex. It is a crime committed to exert power and control over the victim, or to inflict humiliation and violence.
  • Rape is a sudden, unexpected, and violent act. Although it may or may not cause physical injuries, rape always causes emotional distress.

You Are Not Alone

Every 2 minutes, a woman is raped in the United States.

One in every four females will be a victim of sexual assault by the age of 18.

One in every six males will be a victim of sexual assault by the age of 18.

97% of victims know the person who committed the sexual assault against them.

Recovering from Sexual Assault

  • Your feelings may vary but are all still normal whether you experience them immediately or sometime later.
  • Recovering from rape is like recovering from the death of a loved one. Talking and sharing your feelings with someone who is supportive, open, and knowledgeable about the issue can help.
  • Turning Point provides on-site professional counseling for survivors of sexual assault.

How to Seek Help

  • Call our 24-hour crisis line. Trained staff are available to support you.
  • Request/Accept a Hospital Companion. Our trained staff will respond to any sexual assault reports made at the hospital.
  • Attend a Support Group. Turning Point provides these services in-house, and can also make a referral to different agencies.