At Turning Point, we believe one of the best tools for prevention is education, and our team educates children and adults throughout the year to ensure that our children are armed with vital knowledge and our neighbors are part of the solution.
Empower Me

Empower Me is a program for children grades K-5 and is usually taught in a school environment.  This curriculum covers personal body safety awareness. 

Stewards of Children

Stewards of Children is a program taught to educators, guidance counselors, individuals working in youth services, etc.  This evidence-informed prevention training helps adults learn to identify, react responsibly, and help prevent child sexual abuse.  

Teen Dating Violence

The Teen Dating Violence Program is a collaborative effort with local schools and churches to promote healthy dating habits for teens through education and school club establishment.

Domestic Violence 101

Domestic Violence 101 educates adults on the dynamics of intimate partner violence, patterns of abuse, how to identify abusive relationships, and steps to take in response to abuse.

Domestic Violence for Employers

This program provides a comprehensive overview for employers regarding how to identify domestic violence in the work place, how to respond appropriately, policy creation, and more.

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