Frequently Asked Questions

Who can refer a child to the Tree House?

Referrals are only accepted from Law Enforcement and the Department of Social Services. If you suspect that a child has been abused, please report to one of the aforementioned agencies.

Who can attend the appointment?

A supportive parent or legal guardian may accompany the child for the appointment.  Any person suspected of abuse cannot attend the appointment.  Siblings who attend will have to be supervised by an adult/or a guardian during the appointment.

What is included in the appointment?

  • A meeting with the parent or guardian to discuss resources and advocacy services
  • An individual interview with the child
  • A complete head-to-toe medical exam
  • Depending on the age of the child, a trauma assessment will be completed by the family advocate

What happens in the interview?

A specially trained interviewer will conduct the interview. Questions are general, open-ended, and appropriate for the developmental age and abilities of the child.  

What happens after the appointment?

The Tree House will follow up with the referring agencies. The referring agency will contact the parent or guardian regarding the next steps in their investigation. If there are questions or concerns after the appointment, please contact the Tree House CAC advocate.