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How We Help

Turning Point is the only organization in Union County that provides emergency and lifesaving resources for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.  We offer a wide range of services at no charge to the client.  Turning Point believes that everyone who experiences abuse deserves a safe place to heal and receive the resources they need to seek independence and justice.

Primary and secondary child victims served at our Tree House Children’s Advocacy Center in 2022
Individuals served through our domestic violence shelter and programs in 2022:
Survivors of sexual assault served in 2022:
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Our Approach


We provide emergency services and safe shelter for individuals and families fleeing violence.


We believe in eliminating the stigma and secrecy that surrounds abuse through education, training and community outreach.


We aim to change attitudes and beliefs, regarding abuse, through communication and social change.

How You Can Help

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Number of participants that received community education or training in 2022: