Turning Point – Hear Their Voice’s

Words from Those Affected by Abuse


“As my husband’s drinking increased, so did his anger. The last time I was in my home was the night he threatened to take my life. I knew that, to save my daughter and myself, I had to get away. The staff at Turning Point was kinder to me than anyone has ever been and helped me understand how dangerous he really was. They provided us with warm meals and a safe place to sleep. Then they helped me find childcare that was safe from my abuser, provided guidance in obtaining a job and taught me how to better manage my money. The personal counseling we received from their staff has greatly helped Gloria and me to deal with the emotional trauma we suffered. And their legal advocacy has helped ensure that my abuser will be held accountable. Thanks to Turning Point, I’ve now entered college and am getting my life on track. I will never forget all they have done for me.”


“My boyfriend was so charming when we first met. But, over the next three years, I saw him become more & more jealous and critical towards me. One night, he became violent. He opened the front door and then kicked me onto the porch and out into the yard. I had become so used to his harsh treatment I didn’t know any other way to live. My friend told me I needed help. The people at Turning Point showed me another way, a good way to live. They helped me relocate so that I could build a real life for myself. I’ve gone from a life of pain and death to one of peace and hope. Thank you, Turning Point.”


“When I think of what Turning Point means to me, I feel such overwhelming emotion. I came to you beaten and completely broken. Through your counseling and positive role models, I began a healing process surpassing anything I ever dreamed could happen. Turning Point is lifesaving AND life-changing! I know that there is healing within your walls. So, today, I feel successful and that my life finally has purpose. My children and I are experiencing a peaceful home life for the first time ever.”